Message from Friends of Virgin Islands National Park Organization
I am the president of the Friends of Virgin Islands 
National Park (Friends) and got your name from Louise
DePuy here on St. John.
The Friends will be organizing a long distance swim 
along the north shore of St. John, US Virgin Islands on
Sunday May 30th and 
Louise thought that you might be able to help us
promote the event among 
swimmers in Puerto Rico -- perhaps though your website
and with providing some 
contacts to swim clubs, sports shops, etc.
The event is called the Friends Beach-to-Beach Power
Swim and will be swum as three simultaneous events:
1.  A short course (approx 1.25 miles) solo 
swim from Maho Beach to Cinnamon Beach
2.  A long course (approx 3.5 miles) solo 
swim from Maho Beach to Hawksnest Beach
3.  A long course (approx 3.5 miles) 
3-person relay team swim from Maho Beach to Hawksnest
Beach, with transition points at Cinnamon and Trunk beaches.
The event is for both competitive swimmers and
relatively serious recreational swimmers.  To increase participation,
swimmers may compete using snorkels, fins, exposure suits, etc in a separate "assisted-swimmer" category.
There won't be cash prizes, but nice trophies and
plaques for top finishers, as well as t-shirts and participations
medals for all competitors.  There may also be some non-cash prizes
for first place finishers.
As of next week, event information and registration
details will be available at our website (  
If its possible, I am hoping that you will list this
event on your website with a link to the event's site and provide me with some contacts at swim and 
other athletic clubs in Puerto Rico that might have
members interested in this event and at sports and dive shops that would likely have clientele that might be interested in this event.  Obviously, any other assistance that you could offer to help make this event a success would be greatly appreciated.
I would appreciate your thoughts on the above.  I would
also like to talk to you about the event so either give me a call
(340-779-4940) or email me your telephone number and a convenient time to call and I will happily call you.
Muchisimas gracias en anticipation de su ayuda!
Joe Kessler, 
President Friends of Virgin Islands National Park
PO Box 811, St. John, USVI 00831
tel: 340-779-4940  *  fax: 340-693-9973email: